Welcome To La Buena Onda!
The Premier Boutique Hostel in Matagalpa!

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New website! www.labuenaonda.com.ni

Hostal La Buena Onda invites you to visit our new official website, For all up to date information about lodging at La Buena Onda, hiking the beautiful mountains of Matagalpa, tours and transportation you can now visit our new website!


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Welcome to "La Buena Onda"!
A luxury Hostel? A boutique Hotel? A chic Guesthouse?
We don´t like labels very much here at La Buena Onda, we just want to provide a place for travelers to relax, to exchange info, and to use as a base to explore the mountains of beautiful northern Nicaragua.Come relax in a  hammock in our patio or on our balcony and take advantage of our free internet, movie library, cable tv, or our extensive library.We promote local producers and we support local artisans, producers of fair-trade products, and especially local farms.  Ask our bi-lingual staff about visiting a local waterfall, about the best view of the city, about whats going on around town, or about touring a coffee farm.

Bienvenidos a "La Buena Onda"!
¿Un Hostal de Lujo? ¿Un Hospedaje? ¿Un Hotel Chic?
Aqui en La Buena Onda, no nos gusta etiquetas, solo queremos crear un espacio para que viajeros puedan relajarse, compartir informaciòn, y usar como una base para explorar las montañas circundantes de esta bella ciudad en el norte de Nicaragua.Vengan a relajarse en una hamaca en el patio o en nuestro balcòn, tomar un cafesito y aprovechate del internet gràtis, el cable TV, un DVD, o nuestra biblioteca extensiva.Apoyamos  proveedores locales, y promovemos  artesanos locales, productores que trabajan con "comercio justo", y  especialmente fincas locales. Pregunte a nuestro staff bilingue sobre como visitar a una cascada, como ver la mejor vista de la ciudad, acerca de las actividades actuales en el pueblo, o sobre como hacer un tour a una finca de caf

Our Bunny Deyito!

Deyito's Story
The little bunny living here at La Buena Onda (Deyito) came to us in a very unexpected way. A walking street vendor passed in front of La Buena Onda trying to sell Deyito to be raised as a pet or possibly even to be eaten! Seeing the poor bunny pass by was impossible and so Deyanire and Noel made the decision to buy him right then and there for an extremely low price. Since July 2010 Deyito has loved his time here in the hostel. Our clients immediately fall in love with him and his relaxed attitude. You can find him being pet and posing for pictures throughout the restaurant and hostel. If you visit La Buena Onda you're sure to find him guarding the door to the hostel, lounging in our patio or one of our gardens. People love feeding and spending time with the adorable little guy!

La Buena Onda, Certified Excellent

La Buena Onda received the 2012 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor!